The Paradise
Ranger Awards


Currently in China, there are more than 2,700 government-run nature reserves, accounting for over 18% of the national land. Moreover, a large unaccounted number of land-trust Nature Reserve are effectively filling the gaps in the system. In these areas, many frontline rangers work day and night, rain or shine, guarding the wildlife that inhabits the land. However, as far as wildlife conservation is concerned, we have failed to give them the amount of attention that they deserve.

To address this issue, we launched the first edition of the "Paradise Ranger Awards" in 2019, ready to nominate 10 frontline rangers annually for the following ten years and award each winner RMB 20,000.

We hope that their efforts will be more widely known and recognized, that they and the landscapes they guard day and night will be given more attention. It is to their credit that lucid waters and lush mountains can remain so and can possibly be treated as invaluable assets.

Award Procedures:

Submission Requirements:

  • We use a referral mechanism and expect organizations involved to refer to us outstanding rangers in China;
  • Eligible candidates are frontline rangers who work in national parks, nature parks, nature reserves, and land-trust Nature Reserve throughout the country;
  • The referred candidate must be one who has worked front-line for at least three consecutive years.
  • These are personal awards; no group submission will be accepted.

How to Submit:

Judging Criteria:

  • Enthusiastic about conservation, with a sense of identity in undertaking frontline patrol and conservation work;
  • Strongly dedicated, with noteworthy contributions or courage to take on challenges at the frontline;
  • Positively impactful and actively leading in his/her team.

We will release more information about judging and awarding progress through our official online media below:

  • Paradise International Foundation Website:http://www.pfi.org.cn
  • Paradise International Foundation Microblog:https://weibo.com/paradisefoundation
  • Paradise International Foundation WeChat Public Account:Paradise Foundation(ID:ParadiseFoundation)
* If you have any other questions regarding the submission process, please contact us on "Paradise Ranger Awards" Official Email: r@pfi.org.cn.